Showing Bulldogs


First Step

Buying a Bulldog! If you intend to show a Bulldog then please check out, Kennel Club Find A Puppy page or contact your local Bulldog Club and ask the Secretary if they know anyone with puppies available. The puppy should be bought as show potential and be of a recognised color. You should train the puppy from an early age to stack. You can watch a video here You should also visit a local dog show ringcraft class.


Second Step

You can show your puppy from 6 months old starting in usually a Minor Puppy Class. Don't worry everyone will try to make you welcome when you come along to one of our shows. You can find a show on this website and enter using the details provided. It is always best to learn a bit about showing a dog and the terminology involved. You can find a good bit of information on our website.


Third Step

To enter a bulldog show you need a copy of the show schedule. This will give you all the relevant information such as times, location, judge, secretary contact details etc. It will also list the classes available and you should choose which ones you would like to enter your bulldog into. The Kennel Club has the best information for class clarification. You send your schedule away by post or online details if available.


Fourth Step

When the day of the show arrives it is best to be there around opening time. You show schedule will have all the information needed to help you so please read it. Do not be afraid to ask a question as most exhibitors are more than willing to help and we all started at this point in our dog showing careers. Here is Kennel Clubs link to help you.


Bulldog Breed Council

Please visit the Bulldog Breed Council for more information on Bulldog Health and Welfare.

Its mission is promoting the Bulldog and assuring that the breeds health and well being is maintained today and in the future, lots of information to help you with your dog.