British Utility Breeds Association(Champ)

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  • Show Date: 07 December 2019
  • Entries: 119 - Attended: 84 - Percent Turnout: 71%
Class/Award Bulldog Name
BOB Mascolbull's Henrys Legacy At Carasmel Jw
DCC Mascolbull's Henrys Legacy At Carasmel Jw
RDCC Ch Harsocharmathe Ronalod At Gailbulls
BCC Bullenca Back To Black
RBCC Ir Ch Newfound Lost Me Head At Thronford
BPIS Cofantreo Diamond Prince At Tyneamite

MPD - Ent: 3 Abs: 0

1st Andlare Frees A Crowd
2nd Jasiridge Rewrite The Stars

PD - Ent: 8 Abs: 4

1st Cofantreo Diamond Prince At Tyneamite
2nd Andlare Bobby Dazzler
3rd Baalzebul Eeeyore
RES Mystic Power Of Jason

JD - Ent: 5 Abs: 1

1st Bullmont Lord Commander Neptunebull
2nd New Soul Origin Of Belushi (imp Fra)
3rd Kikuchi Theodore
RES Britanic Wise Guy

YD - Ent: 5 Abs: 3

1st Treasurabull Peaky Blinder Jw
2nd Jacobella Captain Flint

PGD - Ent: 8 Abs: 2

1st Laroyal Natural Born Leader
2nd Ranfire All About Christian
3rd Danckomac Indiana Bones
RES Baalzebul Phobos Love At Miristar
VHC Wolfram I Love You Love Me At Abifinstar

LD - Ent: 12 Abs: 4

1st Wigbull If I Can Dream Prideofbully
2nd Rosco's Masterpiece By Em
3rd Lilylove Notorious Mc Gregor At Wencar (imp Fra)
RES Hillplace Rufio
VHC Baalzebul Chianti Jw

OD - Ent: 10 Abs: 3

1st Mascolbull's Henrys Legacy At Carasmel Jw
2nd Ch Harsocharmathe Ronalod At Gailbulls
3rd Ch Kelloe David Hockney
RES Ch Prideofbully Rembrandt Jw
VHC Ch Lumbuse Mr Douglas Home For Ryjarlow

MPD - Ent: 12 Abs: 3

1st Milasha Fifi Naf
2nd Kelloe Silk Glove
3rd Asharlo Lady In Red
RES Testwood Sawyermoon
VHC Jackarhys Addicted To Love

PB - Ent: 5 Abs: 0

1st Andlare Nitty Gritty
2nd Maghullpaws Targaryen

JB - Ent: 11 Abs: 1

1st Belstock Papapa Don't Preach
2nd Britanic Redrage
3rd Ricatori Imagine That
RES Esclusham Pin Up Thornford
VHC Starora Lucida

YB - Ent: 11 Abs: 6

1st Albionpride Miss Furtado
2nd Jacobella Madam Me Me
3rd Brarabus Proud Mary
RES Belstock Material Girl
VHC Starora Bellezza

PGB - Ent: 9 Abs: 2

1st Bullenca Back To Black
2nd Stanryk Its A Dream
3rd Belushi Flaming Star
RES Ryjarlow Shooting Star
VHC Hillplace Gold Charm

LB - Ent: 13 Abs: 6

1st Willsmere Samantha
2nd Captainbull Darling
3rd Rosco's Moondance By Em Testwood
RES Kupakos Firsty
VHC Ruakuri Making Memories As Blenhiemstar

OB - Ent: 7 Abs: 0

1st Ir Ch Newfound Lost Me Head At Thronford
2nd Ch Cofas Magellanic Spiral At Jackarhys
3rd Captainbull Bonnie
RES Sealaville She's Ice
VHC Asharlo Gypsy Rose

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