The Bulldog Club Incorporated(Open)

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  • Show Date: 23 November 2019
  • Entries: 64 - Attended: 49 - Percent Turnout: 77%
Class/Award Bulldog Name
BIS Ricatori Imagine That
RBIS Belstock Papapa Don't Preach
BOS Chezzasbully All My Love
BPIS Jackarhys Addicted To Love
BD Chezzasbully All My Love
RBD New Soul Origin Of Belushi (imp Fra)
BPD New Soul Origin Of Belushi (imp Fra)
BB Ricatori Imagine That
RBB Belstock Papapa Don't Preach
BPB Jackarhys Addicted To Love

MPD - Ent: 4 Abs: 1

1st Blenhiemstar The Last Drop
2nd Cheszzabully Mount Batton
3rd Cofantreo Diamond Prince At Tyneamite

PD - Ent: 7 Abs: 0

1st New Soul Origin Of Belushi (imp Fra)
2nd Andlare Bobby Dazzler
3rd Kupakos Galvin (imp Hun)
RES Blenhiemstar Shamrock At Britishstyle
VHC Ryjarlow Strut My Stuff At Shottle

JD - Ent: 4 Abs: 2

1st Wilsonpride Days Of Speed
2nd Forget Me Never

GD - Ent: 6 Abs: 1

1st Chezzasbully All My Love
2nd Odinschild Violet Warrior
3rd Ladymere Kingston
RES Treasurabull Peaky Blinder Jw
VHC Maxibulz The Muse Of Love

LD - Ent: 6 Abs: 3

1st Hillplace Rufio
2nd Nobozz Adonis Of Treasurabull
3rd Odinschild Violet Warrior

OD - Ent: 8 Abs: 6

1st Erimusbulls Cooper At Linmist
2nd Blenhiemstar Dee

MPB - Ent: 9 Abs: 0

1st Jackarhys Addicted To Love
2nd Testwood Sawyermoon
3rd Milasha Fifi Naf
RES Blenhiemstar Star Dry
VHC Rokoluck Florence

PB - Ent: 5 Abs: 0

1st Loksharp Showgirl
2nd Andlare Nitty Gritty
3rd Ladymere Miss Money Penny
RES Linmist Reet Petite
VHC Chelajay On Fleek

JB - Ent: 5 Abs: 0

1st Ricatori Imagine That
2nd Belstock Papapa Don't Preach
3rd Esclusham Pin Up Thornford
RES Ruakuri Sweet Inspiration
VHC Hillplace Gold Starlet At Allarnice

LB - Ent: 5 Abs: 0

1st Captainbull Bonnie
2nd Rosco's Moondance By Em Testwood
3rd Kingrock Cherry Cola At Wilsonpride
RES Midlandbulls Vera Wang
VHC Hillplace Valerie

OB - Ent: 6 Abs: 2

1st Asharlo Gypsy Rose
2nd Oeuvre Dart Des Bulls Des Hautes Falaises (fra)
3rd Captainbull Darling
RES Britishstyle Tallula's Gift

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