Yes you can add a show here.

If you want us to add the show then please contact us here.

We can't be totally accurate all the time as we recieve our show details and results from various sources. However, if you see wrong information about a show, bulldog, or judges then please let us know here and we will corrrect the mistake.

We always welcome new ideas that will improve the website. So if you have an idea or you think results for example would be better displayed a certain way then please contact us and we will have a look.

This website is different and totally dedicated to only bulldog shows being held in the UK. The idea was to create a website that has all future show dates, and results for those shows after they have been held. Additionally, a judges list with dynamic informatio on what shows they will be judging and the onces they already have.

No nothing! We are hoping to keep it that way so that the website is totally free!.

By registering you will be able to take ownership of your bulldog if it is in the database or add it. Then you can change or add some information and add/edit a photo.

That is not a problem just contact us and we will change it. Please note: the only change we can make is the affix if one is attached at the end.

That's no problem just contact us and we will change it. Please provide the details of the change.